Saturday, September 4, 2010

Revlon ColorBurst Fuschia

Pink is my favorite color...and sometimes I pick up things, because...well it is pink.  Sad state of affairs if you ask my friends.  LOL

 A few weeks ago I picked up a tube of Revlon's Color Burst...because it was 1. on sale and 2. cause I saw the color fuschia. I know, I know.  Well today as I was sitting in the house enjoying a new Korean soap that I'm watching (so addictive I might add) and I decided to test out the color.

The ad says it is rich color that is virtually weightless.  It is true and I am so mad.  LOL  I need to get me a beautiful burgundy or red or something.  The lipstick went on smooth and as I sit here now...later, with no makeup on...and just lipstick, I feel rather glamorous.  LOL

The lip liner I have on is MAC Currant.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 5 of Summer of 2010

I haven't been here in forever, but my blog is always on my mind.

This has been a much busier summer than I expected.  After the major program that I participated in (which I will be doing again next summer.), I went to Edinburgh, Scotland to sing in the International Festival.  I've been home for about a week now and I still feel overwhelmingly jetlagged...but I am starting to think it is PMS.  LOL

Any way, I was scouring over one of my favorite blogs...Afrobella...and I decided to do my 5 Favorite Beauty Items of Summer of 2010.

Normally when the temperature hits over 80 degrees, I'm beach bound and makeup free.  Seriously.  LOL  This year it wasn't the case and I had to pray that my skin would tolerate the heat and makeup.  It did.  Hallelu!!

No. 1.  T.N. Dickinsons Witch Hazel.
Total Savior!!!  Since I have had to be "on" all the time, I am totally grateful for this natural toner to keep my skin from acting like a donkey.  LOL

No. 2.  Urban Decan All Nighter
New York City is humidity ville.  Seriously.  Manhattan is an island...and folks will not acknowledge that...for some UNGODLY reason.  You can only get in and out of this city by bridge or it really is an island.  LOL  Anyway...I read early in the summer about the All Nighter spray.  Woosah...I'm grateful.  Nothing like a humid night and you are not afraid that your face will be melting on your clothes.

No. 3.  Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
As a brown girl, in my lifetime it has been extremely difficult finding a perfect foundation that just...WORKS.  Last year in the winter one of my friend's suggested that I try Revlon's Color Stay.  A dream that I didn't need to pay something exorbitant on a makeup that didn't come off on my clothes.  As it got warmer, Color Stay started making me look grey (to quote my mother).  LOL  I tried the Photo Ready on a whim and she said I had my natural color back.  LOL  I find it to be just as perfect as Color Stay. Wootie!!

No. 4. Carol's Daughter's Ocean
As an opera singer, the worst thing you can do in a rehearsal is wear perfume. *rolling eyes*  You would be AMAZED how many singers can't stand the smell of perfumes, oils...blah, blah, blah.  The dramatic outbursts are just OVERWHELMING.  LOL  Ocean is a light summer fragrance.  I remember the first day I wore it...praying that someone wouldn't say a word.  Not one utterance about it.  So, I continued to wear it.  LOL  I'm a tad sad because I went into the flagship store when I got back from Scotland and Ocean is all on sale...because THEY'RE DISCONTINUING IT.  *wail*  Hopefully, Mrs. Lisa Price will give me something else that will work.

No. 5. Dr. Bronner's Citrus Soap
Do I need to toot the horn of this wonderful soap???  I doubt it.  I actually have all of the scents in my house. Seriously.  There was a sale on the large bottles earlier this summer...for $5.99 and I acted extremely ignorant and bought at least 3 of each.  LOL  Hey...I said I have a habit.  LOL

And an honorable mention....I can remember when I first saw the name Sigma Brushes on Tiffany D's blog.  I read the reviews, ooooed and ahhhed...and I said, well one day I will purchase them.  I mean, I have enough makeup brushes...why do I need a KIT??  LOL

Ahh, the PEER PRESSURE....  LOL  I bought a Pink Complete Kit with Roll the middle of July and just looked at it.  (I'm weird like that sometimes.)  I took it with me to Scotland and may I just say, these brushes are wonderful.  They get the job done and I can even say they are on the same level of my MAC brushes.

I'm out to enjoy the last bit of summer!!  Hope you are too!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Aren't you an Ogre!

Yesterday after my romp in the gym, I was sitting at my table catching up on Nurse Jackie episodes and decided to change my polish.  This was the final decision....Ogre-The-Top Blue!

 This color is fabulous!!  It is such a phenomenal cream and I didn't even have to do my addictive 3 coats.  LOL  Also....when I was in the MAC Pro store yesterday, everyone was commenting on how fierce the color is. ;)  Go 'head OPI. LOL

No flash

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Been A Looooong Time

 It was not my plan to be gone this long...Whew!!  I was working a gig where my days were straight GONE.  I have never been so exhausted and over worked in my LIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!  LOL

During it, I couldn't wear any nail polish.  They were on me during the first week of rehearsals because as usual, I change my nail polish DAILY.  During run through rehearsals, my color extravaganza's had to stop.  

Since the last performance was Sunday, yesterday was the first day that I felt like even ENTERTAINING some polish. (Even though, I am surrounded by polish and never stopped shopping for nail polish. LOL)

My color of choice was China Glaze Cowgirl Up.  I can't remember which blog I read where they had a pic of this.  Maybe it was Laquerized.  I don't know....

Wherever it was...I went digging immediately and found it at head2toe.  Woot!!

By the way...I'm so glad to be back!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

CND Stickey

This is a quick run through post...

Someone recommended CND Stickey to me a month ago because I was having SERIOUS base coat issues.  I am sorry I can't remember, because this is a HIT.

I have on For Audrey and I have washed dishes for like 3 days...LOL...and not a chip until this evening.  I am so EXCITED!!! LOL Between CND and Poshe top coat...I'm in business!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly Poll!!!

1. How has your week been so far?  Good.  Relaxing, interesting.  And yours? LOL

2.Do you consider yourself to be technically savvy? I try to be.  I don't know how savvy I am.  If I can't figure it out, I call all of my wonderfully nerdy friends.  LOL

3. What’s on your nails? I just got finish doing some swatching, so nothing at the moment.  I am about to put on some For Audrey or maybe Secret Periwinkle.  

4. Oreo Double Stuff cookies, love ‘em or hate ‘em? LOVE THEM!!!!  I can honestly just eat the insides.  It is sad, good and disgusting all wrapped up in 1.  Oh well...

5. What is your current favorite lip balm? Neosporin's Lip Therapy or Aquafina Lip Balm.  Whatever is on hand at the moment, is what I use!

6. Do you have any “spring rituals”?  Yes, cleaning up and throwing out or giving away.  This year, I am looking forward to getting rid of all of the clothes I haven't used.  It is amazing how you buy and buy and then stuff piles up.  It is driving me mad.  STRAIGHT mad!!!

7. What’s your favorite wild animal?  Hmm...toss between a gazelle and a lion.  Every time I see a lion I just want to sing that song from the Wiz...Be A Lion.  Here are a few of the lyrics....No need to run/No need to hide/You're standing strong and tall/You're the bravest of them all

8. How many cities have you lived in?  I will say 4.  New York City, Atlanta, Georgia, Lexington, Kentucky and Berlin, Germany.  Even though NY is home, my favorite place is really Atlanta!

9. If you have a cat, do you collect cat whiskers that fall out? Yes, I have a cat and I never noticed that her whiskers fell out.  LOL  But she is black...her fur is black...her whiskers are black...her nose is black...I mean totally black.  LOL  So, I wouldn't even notice if her whiskers fell out.

10. What’s your least favorite song?  Alicia Keys' No one.  I HATE that song.  When I hear it coming on the radio, I flip immediately.  I mean IMMEDIATELY.  

I love these!! If you want to cut and paste, feel free...but please give all credit to VampyVarnish.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seeing Red!!!

So yesterday, I think I had a little too much fun swatching that I decided to do it again today with some of my reds.  I have a SLEW of Zoya's reds and I thought today on this perfectly gloomy day, I would dive in. 
Tosca...I bought this red because this is the name of one of my favorite operas.  LOL  The red is more on the pinkish side and it has a hint of gold shimmer. It went on very smooth and in 2 coats.  I love it, but not as much as a couple of the other colors.  I know when the sun starts shining on the regular and I get a tan, I shall love it more.

Next up...Delilah.  It is a nice red jelly with sparkles.  I don't even know if my camera caught the full effect.  I was a tad disappointed because it took like 4 coats to get the look that I wanted, but once I got the look...I loved it.  I think it is my favorite out of this group.

Kamilah, nice frosty and pinky red.  LOL  I didn't care for it much, but it is really beautiful.

To break up the super shiny thing, I found Posh in the stash.  It is a beautiful matte red from the Matte Velvet Collection.  It is even prettier when there is a top coat on it.
Posh Mat

Posh with Top Coat
My second favorite out of the reds is Isla...makes me want to sing La Isla Bonita.  LOL  It reminds me of the Nubar's Torrid Red that I swatched yesterday.  Wow...

Last of today's Seeing Red....Chelsea.  I bought it because that is one of my favorite sections of NY.  LOL  It is a great orange frosty red.  This is more of my mom's flavor and I am going to drop it in her purse when I catch up with her.  LOL  She loves a good red and a good frost.  LOL

So happy Tuesday....oh...and my last pic is yesterday's manicure.  Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI and Sweet P by Hard Candy.  Oh so perfect!  I had to help out one of my mother's friends who teaches high school and the girls were asking me what color I had on.  LOL  Gotta love the teens!

Monday, April 12, 2010

one more for the road...

Literally, right as I push publish doorbell rings...UPS!!!  YAYAY!!!  It is my first EVER Misa order.  LOL  Here they are to the left...and I guess tomorrow morning is swatching time.  LOL  

This order all started because of Green with Envy...then I got happy.  Har!

Using the bottom picture from left to right they are....
Ghetto Fabulous
Disco Queen
Sugar Daddy
Stop Rewinding, Just Fast Forward
Green with Envy
Speed of Life
forgive, forget, for me I will
Sweet Pleasure

Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday all!!  I hope every one had a great weekend.  Mine was busy as usual, but fabbbbu!  This morning, my schedule has lightened up a bit and today I did my first swatching mission.  Usually when I take pictures of my manicures, they are just that manicures.  I thought I would try something new while I was watching the View...and I think I will continue to do a swatching least once a week.

A few weeks ago, Nubar was having a sale on their polishes and since I didn't own any, I thought I would dive in and grab some...and with my addictive behavior, I picked up 6.  LOL  (Please excuse my shoddy looking cuticles and non clean up.)

I will say that I love the colors and the ease at which these polishes go on.  Most of my swatches I only used 2 coats except the last one...which is one of my most FAVORITESTTTT songs.  LOL

So here is my first color that I am soooo looking forward to wearing to the beach.  LOL  This is Belize Coral.  I have a very good friend who is from Belize and I thought that I would get it and show him...then have him rolling that I would even buy something in honor of his homeland.  Anyway, the color is a beautiful coral leaning towards pink.  It is fabulous.  I had to post a shot with a flash and without.  It is just so stunning!!!!!!

Next is my second favorite of my purchases.  Torrid Red.  Talk about AMAZINGLY sexy.  It is a frosty burgundy-ish red.  It reminds me of my aunt and her love of sexy vampy colors, before vampy colors were in style.  I can't wait to wear this out in public.  Oh wow...yummy.

Midnight Rendezvouos...what can I say?  It reminds me of Wicked one of my all time favorite winter colors.  Something about the richness of the color, it makes me feel luscious.  (Don't ask...I'm an opera singer and dramatic.  LMAO!!)

Dazzling, what can I say?  You are going to be a big ole hit when I have to do performances when I am NOT supposed to have on nail polish, but I am such a crack addict that I have to wear polish anyway.  LOL  A great color with pink, gold and greenish like shimmer.  I don't even know if my camera caught the full effect of its Dazzelosityness.  LOL   (Can you tell I am a Kimora Lee Simmons fan?)

Pasadena Purple
Purple Rain Glitter
The last and funner?  LOL  First is Pasadena Purple and then Purple Rain Glitter.  I will say that I love the Pasadena more than the Purple Rain. I don't know...I think that the Purple Rain has more of a jelly base...maybe I need to use an opaque base coat and I will have more fun with it.  I think that the pink glitter in it is just great.  Pasadena is so beautiful with the frost and all swirly.  Hmmm...

Thanks so much Nubar...and I hope to get some more soon!!! (Now...if we could just get you to sell them in the stores on the east coast.  hint, hint.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hard Candy Lava

with flash
If you haven't figured out by now because I can't remember if I have mentioned it, but I live in NYC.  It is my home town and I love it, but I am a NYer who comes from southern roots, I went to college in the south and I have a small addiction to Wal-Mart...which is NOT in NYC nor is there a store very close.  Argh!

The other day I received a 20% coupon for Ulta and decided that since I had to go to New Jersey to redeem it...I would just find myself a Wally World.  I did just that and I felt like a kid in a candy store.  It was saaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  It took the Lord to keep me from buying almost all of the Hard Candy polishes.  LOL

I purchased Lava, Break Up and Sweet P.  All three are shiny and glittery.  Yummo!!

without flash
This morning I was checking some emails and decided to start putting this Lava on my left hand. (I have weird painting my nails habits...don't ask.)  I was really loving it.  I can't even describe how much I was loving it.  

This color is amazing.  It is an orange red with gold shimmer.  Fabu, fabu!!

Weekly Poll......

lady bug

1. How has your week been so far?  It has been pretty okay.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in NY and I can't complain.

2. What is something a lot of people might not know about you?  Hmm...I don't know because I am pretty outspoken and don't hold much back. Let's see...oh, I'm pretty shy when I around people I don't know.

3. What’s on your nails?  Hard Candy's Lava.  And it is HOT.

4. What kind of earrings are your favorite (dangly, studs, etc.)?  For a long time I only wore studs, but as I have gotten older, i wear danglies more often.

tree across from my house
5. What is your favorite type of nail polish finish? Shiny and shimmery.

6. If you could quit your job/school right now and do what you loved for a living, what would you be doing? I do what I have always wanted to do for a living.  I am so grateful.

7. Milkshakes: Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?  When I did drink milkshakes...strawberry.  I guess it is all about the pink thing.  LOL  Since I am lactose intolerant, I don't do milkshakes.  *sigh*  I totally miss them.

8. Who are your favorite YouTube makeup people? MakeupbyRenRen, MakeupGeek, Makeup By Tiffany D and A Brilliante Brunette

9. When you want to scream and pull your hair out, but it’s not appropriate, what’s your method of calming down? Closing my eyes and breathing deeply.  It is so rare that I am angry...since I stopped working in an office. (Thank you God for deliverance.)

10. Do you watch the series Breaking Bad on AMC?  I have never heard of it, so no.

Thanks to VampyVarnish for the weekly poll!!


So, in my last post, I mentioned how I was going to polish my nails American Apparel's Berry.  Hmmm...I don't like it much for my fingernails.  I think it would be a bigger hit if it was on my toes.  

The color is really beautiful and it goes on very well.  I only needed 2 coats and that pleased me a lot, but I wasn't really wowed.  *sigh*  LOL

Here are a couple of pics no flash...flash..and excuse the non-clean up.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekly Poll...and then some. LOL

This past week, I received my first shipment of Nubar nail polishes.  I am SO excited about using them, but until then...I'm found a new Ulta to hit...which I plan to do in the next hour or so.  When I get back...polishing nails is my game.  LOL

Anyway, here is the weekly poll courtesy of VampyVarnish.
1. How has your week been so far?  Busy, great, fun.  I went to DC on Tuesday with my mom to see their production of Porgy and Bess.  As many times as I have done it, I have never seen it.  And the singing was absolutely phenomenal.  I'm glad the moms and I can do those types of things where we can pop down, pop back home.  Then last night we saw Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in a discussion at the New York Times Talks.  Talk about enlightening.  If you live near NY they will be in August Wilson's Fences for a limited engagement.  Check for the dates.
2. What’s your favorite mindless distraction?  Watching television.  I have too much music to learn to do it regularly...but lately I have been flaking...and just zoning out on the tv.  LOLOL
3. What’s on the nails?  Just nail magic because I'm about to re-polish.  I am going to put on Berry from American Apparel.  I'm excited! 
4. Have you ever seen a UFO?  If I have...I don't know.  LOL  
5. Do you eat seafood?  Yes, yes and more yes.  Last night I had a strong desire from shrimp scampi.  LOLOL
6. Ever taken a photography class?  No, but I have thought about it.
7. What was your least favorite subject in school?  Biology.  I think it had more to do with the teacher than the class.
8. What was your favorite subject in school? Music, Math and Chemistry
9. Do you wear scarves?  Yes and I am a pashmina fool.  Love the colors!!
10. Have you ever used LUSH Lemony Flutter? Was it good?  No, I can't say that I have.  I have issues going into Lush.  The odors are a little to overwhelming for me...and this is coming from a perfume junkie.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I feel like I haven't been here in forever...

It has been a little over a week and so much has happened. Ayi, Ayi, Ayi!!! LOL

In a week's time, I have had an a job for a production at the end of May, twisted my knee aggravated a tendon and been to the ER, threw a baby shower for a friend who is having her first, and I celebrated my birthday! I almost feel like singing, "What a movie?" LOL It feels insane, but life of an artist can be a little off. LOL

Antywho, I haven't had the opportunity to take pictures of my manicures...bad me, but I have been in FULL spring mode! What do you expect from a spring baby??

All in is the Weekly Poll...

1. How has your week been so far? Crazy as I have listed above, but I am grateful that I can discuss how my week has been.

2. If you had to only wear one brand of nail polish for the rest of your life, which brand would it be and why? I would have said prior OPI, but since I have been blogging and reading blogs, it would have to be China Glaze. The colors are totally delicious and they last longer than OPI and my other favorite Essie.

3. What are you wearing on your nails? Right now, naked. I was even naked for my birthday. My girlfriends were so stunned. LOL It was my intent to wear CG Awaken...but there was so much too do and so little time.

4. What is your favorite flower? I love peonies and stargazers. I'm so addicted to is SAD.

5. Do you have any tattoos? No, only because I am too afraid to get one. I have wanted one for a very long time and I thought that this year was the year for my bday...yet again...I'm AFRAAAAAAAAID. LOLOL

6. If you had a chance to go to the moon for free, would you? No thanks. I love the stars and the moon...oh the moon, but the planetarium is enough for me.

7. What decade is your favorite in terms of fashion and the way people/objects looked? I would have to say it is the 50's. The pictures of my grandmother and her sisters, plus my mom and her They were such SUPER girls at that time. The dresses, the hats, the shoes, the hair, the makeup...and red lipstick. I think the women were so beautiful then. Plus, it wasn't a bad thing to be voluptuous. Women looked like women.

8. What word do you loathe? Nasty. LOL Seriously. I don't like the way it sounds when it rolls off of New Yorker's tongues. LOL And I am a native New Yorker. It sounds past disgusting. LOL

9. When is the last time you got a manicure in a shop? I used to go weekly with my mom and then I lost my job almost 2 years ago. Then I went back to a habit that I had in college...polishing my nails every day. Then I found nail polish blogs. It has been down hill ever since. LOL other gripe is that my manicures didn't last long when I went to the shop. So, you pay $10 and tip and then 1 day later I had a chipped nail. Ack.

10. If you could only use 5 beauty products the rest of your life, what would they be? Wooooah. Okay plant based soap for my face, witch hazel, nail polish and extras, mascara and lip gloss. Woosaahh...that's hard. LOL

Happy Palm Sunday weekend for those who celebrate!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly Poll and Randomosity

Happy Wednesday...or what is left of Wednesday and St. Patti's Day!

Today, I didn't partake of the drinking or the parade...but the mom and I went shopping. It was actually her trip to find some flats...but I scored some red patent leather Birkenstocks for $30 at Nordstroms and a new super soft terry robe at Sears on sale for $14. (Don't knock Sears...the robe is fabu...cute, and super girly.)

Also, I came home to an email from Nubar...and I finally bought my first Nubar's this evening. Wootie...Yea...I'm so excited!! It isn't midnight go check it out. Here are the details: nUBAR offers our retail customers 20% off retail orders of $30 or more with code STPAT2030 through midnight EDT on March 17th, with free shipping on orders of $75 or more after the discount is applied.

Now I'm sitting here watching Ugly Betty and grateful to my grumpy cat who is sitting on my feet keeping them warm. Oh...I love HER. LOL Nothing like an old grumpy cat who still mews when you call their name and makes you feel so loved.

Besides that...I'm looking at 2 bags of never used polish...and trying to decide what color I want to wear tomorrow. Ayi!!! LOL

On to the Weekly Poll.....

1. How has your week been so far? Okay...tad busy...tad crazy. Last weekend during the rain, my bathroom got I have been making sure I have gotten all the plaster and doo cleaned up. Other than, music and more music to be learned.

2. Do you have seasonal allergies? More like year round allergies. I seem to be allergic to all the trees indigenous to the state of New York, dust, flowers, and my beloved cat. Ayi! Oh well...thank God for Zyterc...and my air purifier in the house...and I press ON!!

3. What’s on your nails for St. Patrick’s Day? OPI's Jade is the new black.. It should have been called Jade is the new Sexy.

4. Have you seen the new line of Tokidoki and Tarina Tarantino makeup at Sephora? Yes and I am having one of those eye covered and screaming la, la, la moments!!! LOL I have been on a serious makeup diet for almost a year and I have only caved in to nail polish. My diet may be over...I renewed my MAC PPID card today and my bday is next week. Anything is possible. *sigh*

5. What blow dryer do you use? I don't. I am an African American woman with natural hair and I try not to use any heat on my hair.

6. Are you a fan of corned beef & cabbage? Actually yes, but none for me this year. I gave up red meat for lent.

7. What’s for lunch? I think I had a gatorade. LOL I was shopping...what do you expect????

8. Do you have a favorite hand lotion? My ultimate favorite is Dove Hand Lotion that is sold in Europe. I am not a real fan of American lotion. When I'm out of my European stash, I use California Mango Mend and a squirt of California Mango Hand and Body Lotion.

9. Are you related to anyone famous? LOL I don't think he's famous...maybe he would be considered to the alumni of his alma mater. My cousin wrote the school song and fight song for Morehouse College. J.O.B. Mosley class of '29.

10. What’s your favorite kitchen gadget? So, I'm a foodie who doesn't really have time to be a foodie. HA!! I have 3 favorite citrus press, my Microplane food graters, my kitchen aid shears. The graters are leading the pack. Nothing like shredded garlic in some sauteed veggies. I am so grateful for Rachel Ray's trick.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Women's Day Purple...

So this weekend has been overwhelming.... Women's Day in the Baptist Church is crazy. It is an all day affair and it makes me EEEEXHAUSTED. LOL

Today was no different. Our colors were purple and all week I've been playing with purples...but now I can't find the pictures on my computer. LOL

Above is today's manicure...I used Orly's Charged Up on every nail, but one coat under the nails with China Glaze Cleopatra. Talk about a love, love situation. I'm even wearing it tomorrow...well later tonight, to my friend's play reading at the Papp Public Theater.

Oh, oh...I forgot to say, I have been using Nail Magic as a base coat and as a top coat over my Seche. It has really been making my nails hard and I am very please with the way my nails are growing.

Okay...nighty, nite!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I just have to say this...I have entirely too many different bottles of purple polish. LOL I found this out because my church's women's day is this coming Sunday and there are a couple of events that we are having prior to Sunday. I thought I would be schnazzy and wear purple for the rest of the week for the events. I started digging and I think I have found 20 different purples. Outrageous....STRAIGHT outrageous. LOL

So now that I have vented that, I am going to bed...I'll take pictures tomorrow. LOL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rolled Up in One

I haven't been here in a minute, but my nail polishing hasn't stopped. Here are a few colors I've worn lately.

I got this on my first trip EVER to Ulta and I am sorry that I ever found Ulta. LOL That place...straight debbil. This is After Party and on my ring finger is Tinsel. This manicure was a big hit at a concert I was singing on. I love the red glitter...and it was perfect on that snowy day.

This is China Glaze Grape Juice. I also got this on my first trip to Ulta. I was avoiding getting the Grape Pop (which I got this past weekend)...LOL I I love the pink glitter in the purple base. Straight sexay.

Hmmm...Essie's Sexy Divide...woah! I can't even say how much I love this color. The purple is so rich and just..yummy. LOL

This is today's manicure. I did a Seche run for my mom yesterday at Sally's and there were BINS of Finger Paint nail polish for $3.49. Hooo.haa. I don't normally like pinkish frosty polish, but I was drawn to the gold glitter at the bottom of the bottle. LOL Last night, I polished 4 fingers on my left hand and I squealed loudly with the chagrin of my cat. LOL It is beautiful, pinky, glittery and frosty. Oh and the name...Magenta Mood.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grey By Grey

No matter how much I gripe about the brushes on the new Sally Hansen's...I am absolutely in LOVE with the colors.

Friday, I was singing on a friend's live recording and another friend who was singing forgot her makeup. We ran down to the local Duane.Reade where she grabbed some eyeshadow and I saw 4 new nail polishes that I've been eyeing. Argh, Grump.Humph. LOL I swear I need NA...Nail polish Anonymous!

So, I decided since I had pretty much been stuck in the house on Saturday, besides the time I shoveled out my car, I would take some time and polish my nails a hot color. The color goes on like the others...fully opaque in 1 coat...but because I'm anal, I have on 3....with Seche as a top coat.

By the I the only person who has issues with Seche Vite top coat when the bottle gets half empty? If you have any tricks on how to make it easier to use, I would greatly appreciate it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My First Time...

Last night, well early this morning after I got in from driving in the blizzard, I ordered my first RBL nail polishes. They are having a quick 48...well probably less than that now sale. LOL. Here's the 411....

7 nail polishes on sale

Sorry to see you go! 7 great Nail polishes for only $50. Retail price is $126. These polishes are going to be discontinued. Snatch them up now for a huge discount before it's too late. When they're gone...they're gone.

Polishes included are:

* Pink Shimmer
* Sheer Pink
* Opaque Pink
* Lulu
* Sheer Natural
* Ani
* Square Pants

If you want to get your here....

I can't wait for my Sponge.Bob Square Pants!! Wooootie!!!