Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dove Body Wash

As a person who suffers from wacky skin allergies (I know...weird for a fragrance junkie.), my life has always been one with Dove soap.  My favorite is actually pink dove.  Something about the smell reminds me of my childhood babysitter who wrapped me in love...all the time.  She was truly my surrogate grandmother.

As a singer...while traveling it can be really rough trying to find what is needed when gone from home for long periods of time.  I remember when my mom and I were in Berlin, Germany for an extended period due to work, I became addicted to Dove's Oil Wash and Body Milk.  The combo didn't bother my sensitive skin and the mom and I were VERY happy.

In 1998...back to Europe I went for 4 months of singing and back to my addiction of Dove's Oil Wash and Body Milk.  To the extent that I shipped boxes of the products home that lasted for months.  (Sad, I say.)  It would irk my nerves that we didn't really have the products I wanted at home.

I can't remember exactly when Dove started selling their body washes in the states, but at first I wasn't moved.  It didn't have the same feeling like the European brands.  My friends and I would complain and continue to buy it in bulk and send it home.

About a month ago, I was hanging out with one of my friends who worked in Germany for years and has since moved back home.  She was tooting the horn of the Dove's Body Wash saying it reminds her of the European version.  I balked...she said..try it.  I did...and I'm just addicted like a looney toon!  My favorite scent is Plum and Sakura blossom.  They even had a trial size of the deodorant attached...oh my.  The scent lingers softly all day.  Love, love.

If you're looking for a moisturizing wash with a soft scent...try the Dove brand.  They even have unscented, plus a plethora of other scents.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 new summer fragrance crack!!'s been a minute.  *throwing up my hands*  I will say I am doing better in the heart that I have prior.  LOL

Anyway...I've known Pacifica for a while.  My mom is addicted to the candles.  My mom...the one who grips when she is given a candle.  My mom...the one who doesn't understand candle obsessions.  Yes, said funny mom loves Pacifica candles.  She has them in the bathroom and when they die down...she puts the wax on this funny plate and puts it on her radiator and the warmth scents up the hall. 

Before the summer heat really started, I was roaming in Sephora and remembered the Pacifica fragrances.  I had tested the Tuscan Blood Orange scent and as a citrus junkie...I fell in love.  I picked up the fragrance and decided to test it.  Love, love.

I've mentioned before how awkward it can be as a singer who is addicted to perfume and how other singers can greatly detest the smell of it.  *sigh*  Well, I wore my perfume all summer during this summer program that I participated in.  I received several comments about the soft citrus scent I wore.  No one was offended...and I was quite happy.

The program I was in ended almost 2 weeks ago and I decided to invest in the layerings.  I mean...what is a fragrance without layers?  I love the feel of the Tuscan Blood Orange body butter and when butter's main scent dies smells like strawberries on me.  With the perfume...*singing* heaaaaaaaaaaaven!  LOL  On this same trip, I purchased the Indian Coconut Nectar.  I'm loving it just as much.  I just wish that it was a stronger scent on me.  Oh works perfectly for the gym. (Yes, I'm that quirky person who is scented for the gym.)

Antywho...I give my Tuscan Blood Orange a 5/5 for people who really like a nice soft citrusy scent.

Peace...until the next time!!