Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 5 of Summer of 2010

I haven't been here in forever, but my blog is always on my mind.

This has been a much busier summer than I expected.  After the major program that I participated in (which I will be doing again next summer.), I went to Edinburgh, Scotland to sing in the International Festival.  I've been home for about a week now and I still feel overwhelmingly jetlagged...but I am starting to think it is PMS.  LOL

Any way, I was scouring over one of my favorite blogs...Afrobella...and I decided to do my 5 Favorite Beauty Items of Summer of 2010.

Normally when the temperature hits over 80 degrees, I'm beach bound and makeup free.  Seriously.  LOL  This year it wasn't the case and I had to pray that my skin would tolerate the heat and makeup.  It did.  Hallelu!!

No. 1.  T.N. Dickinsons Witch Hazel.
Total Savior!!!  Since I have had to be "on" all the time, I am totally grateful for this natural toner to keep my skin from acting like a donkey.  LOL

No. 2.  Urban Decan All Nighter
New York City is humidity ville.  Seriously.  Manhattan is an island...and folks will not acknowledge that...for some UNGODLY reason.  You can only get in and out of this city by bridge or tunnel...so it really is an island.  LOL  Anyway...I read early in the summer about the All Nighter spray.  Woosah...I'm grateful.  Nothing like a humid night and you are not afraid that your face will be melting on your clothes.

No. 3.  Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
As a brown girl, in my lifetime it has been extremely difficult finding a perfect foundation that just...WORKS.  Last year in the winter one of my friend's suggested that I try Revlon's Color Stay.  A dream that I didn't need to pay something exorbitant on a makeup that didn't come off on my clothes.  As it got warmer, Color Stay started making me look grey (to quote my mother).  LOL  I tried the Photo Ready on a whim and she said I had my natural color back.  LOL  I find it to be just as perfect as Color Stay. Wootie!!

No. 4. Carol's Daughter's Ocean
As an opera singer, the worst thing you can do in a rehearsal is wear perfume. *rolling eyes*  You would be AMAZED how many singers can't stand the smell of perfumes, oils...blah, blah, blah.  The dramatic outbursts are just OVERWHELMING.  LOL  Ocean is a light summer fragrance.  I remember the first day I wore it...praying that someone wouldn't say a word.  Not one utterance about it.  So, I continued to wear it.  LOL  I'm a tad sad because I went into the flagship store when I got back from Scotland and Ocean is all on sale...because THEY'RE DISCONTINUING IT.  *wail*  Hopefully, Mrs. Lisa Price will give me something else that will work.

No. 5. Dr. Bronner's Citrus Soap
Do I need to toot the horn of this wonderful soap???  I doubt it.  I actually have all of the scents in my house. Seriously.  There was a sale on the large bottles earlier this summer...for $5.99 and I acted extremely ignorant and bought at least 3 of each.  LOL  Hey...I said I have a habit.  LOL

And an honorable mention....I can remember when I first saw the name Sigma Brushes on Tiffany D's blog.  I read the reviews, ooooed and ahhhed...and I said, well one day I will purchase them.  I mean, I have enough makeup brushes...why do I need a KIT??  LOL

Ahh, the PEER PRESSURE....  LOL  I bought a Pink Complete Kit with Roll the middle of July and just looked at it.  (I'm weird like that sometimes.)  I took it with me to Scotland and may I just say, these brushes are wonderful.  They get the job done and I can even say they are on the same level of my MAC brushes.

I'm out to enjoy the last bit of summer!!  Hope you are too!!!