Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fuschia for a pick-me-up!

So, since my last post, I've learned that I'm totally addicted to bold lips.  Well...lemme say, I have ALWAYS been addicted to bold lips, I just didn't really love how I was putting together bold lips on myself.  LOL

For the past few days I've been dealing with painters and a neurotic about SERIOUS insanity...and I needed a huge pick-me-up.  The plan was to go with a smokey eye and a bold lip....since I had a rehearsal for a Messiah that I'm doing this Friday.  I ended up with some sort of smokey eye...but the bold lip...FIERCENESS.  LOL

Since I initially found them, I have a true love for Revlon's Colorburst.  I wore Fuschia today with MAC's currant and magenta lip liner.  Love, love!!  And my mother even said that she was grateful that I didn't do another natural lip.  LOL  Oh...and I have on MAC's Azalea blush....happy me!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loving Danger....

Yea, it has been a while...but I had to say that I've finally figured out how to wear red lipstick where I like it.

Here's a little bit of MAC's Lady Danger.  Excuse the crazy look....I'm just getting in from a dress rehearsal and I'm tired, but my lips...look suuuuuuuuper.  LOLOL