Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seeing Red!!!

So yesterday, I think I had a little too much fun swatching that I decided to do it again today with some of my reds.  I have a SLEW of Zoya's reds and I thought today on this perfectly gloomy day, I would dive in. 
Tosca...I bought this red because this is the name of one of my favorite operas.  LOL  The red is more on the pinkish side and it has a hint of gold shimmer. It went on very smooth and in 2 coats.  I love it, but not as much as a couple of the other colors.  I know when the sun starts shining on the regular and I get a tan, I shall love it more.

Next up...Delilah.  It is a nice red jelly with sparkles.  I don't even know if my camera caught the full effect.  I was a tad disappointed because it took like 4 coats to get the look that I wanted, but once I got the look...I loved it.  I think it is my favorite out of this group.

Kamilah, nice frosty and pinky red.  LOL  I didn't care for it much, but it is really beautiful.

To break up the super shiny thing, I found Posh in the stash.  It is a beautiful matte red from the Matte Velvet Collection.  It is even prettier when there is a top coat on it.
Posh Mat

Posh with Top Coat
My second favorite out of the reds is Isla...makes me want to sing La Isla Bonita.  LOL  It reminds me of the Nubar's Torrid Red that I swatched yesterday.  Wow...

Last of today's Seeing Red....Chelsea.  I bought it because that is one of my favorite sections of NY.  LOL  It is a great orange frosty red.  This is more of my mom's flavor and I am going to drop it in her purse when I catch up with her.  LOL  She loves a good red and a good frost.  LOL

So happy Tuesday....oh...and my last pic is yesterday's manicure.  Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI and Sweet P by Hard Candy.  Oh so perfect!  I had to help out one of my mother's friends who teaches high school and the girls were asking me what color I had on.  LOL  Gotta love the teens!

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