Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly Poll!!!

1. How has your week been so far?  Good.  Relaxing, interesting.  And yours? LOL

2.Do you consider yourself to be technically savvy? I try to be.  I don't know how savvy I am.  If I can't figure it out, I call all of my wonderfully nerdy friends.  LOL

3. What’s on your nails? I just got finish doing some swatching, so nothing at the moment.  I am about to put on some For Audrey or maybe Secret Periwinkle.  

4. Oreo Double Stuff cookies, love ‘em or hate ‘em? LOVE THEM!!!!  I can honestly just eat the insides.  It is sad, good and disgusting all wrapped up in 1.  Oh well...

5. What is your current favorite lip balm? Neosporin's Lip Therapy or Aquafina Lip Balm.  Whatever is on hand at the moment, is what I use!

6. Do you have any “spring rituals”?  Yes, cleaning up and throwing out or giving away.  This year, I am looking forward to getting rid of all of the clothes I haven't used.  It is amazing how you buy and buy and then stuff piles up.  It is driving me mad.  STRAIGHT mad!!!

7. What’s your favorite wild animal?  Hmm...toss between a gazelle and a lion.  Every time I see a lion I just want to sing that song from the Wiz...Be A Lion.  Here are a few of the lyrics....No need to run/No need to hide/You're standing strong and tall/You're the bravest of them all

8. How many cities have you lived in?  I will say 4.  New York City, Atlanta, Georgia, Lexington, Kentucky and Berlin, Germany.  Even though NY is home, my favorite place is really Atlanta!

9. If you have a cat, do you collect cat whiskers that fall out? Yes, I have a cat and I never noticed that her whiskers fell out.  LOL  But she is black...her fur is black...her whiskers are black...her nose is black...I mean totally black.  LOL  So, I wouldn't even notice if her whiskers fell out.

10. What’s your least favorite song?  Alicia Keys' No one.  I HATE that song.  When I hear it coming on the radio, I flip immediately.  I mean IMMEDIATELY.  

I love these!! If you want to cut and paste, feel free...but please give all credit to VampyVarnish.

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