Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Monday!!!!

Happy Monday all!!  I hope every one had a great weekend.  Mine was busy as usual, but fabbbbu!  This morning, my schedule has lightened up a bit and today I did my first swatching mission.  Usually when I take pictures of my manicures, they are just that manicures.  I thought I would try something new while I was watching the View...and I think I will continue to do a swatching least once a week.

A few weeks ago, Nubar was having a sale on their polishes and since I didn't own any, I thought I would dive in and grab some...and with my addictive behavior, I picked up 6.  LOL  (Please excuse my shoddy looking cuticles and non clean up.)

I will say that I love the colors and the ease at which these polishes go on.  Most of my swatches I only used 2 coats except the last one...which is one of my most FAVORITESTTTT songs.  LOL

So here is my first color that I am soooo looking forward to wearing to the beach.  LOL  This is Belize Coral.  I have a very good friend who is from Belize and I thought that I would get it and show him...then have him rolling that I would even buy something in honor of his homeland.  Anyway, the color is a beautiful coral leaning towards pink.  It is fabulous.  I had to post a shot with a flash and without.  It is just so stunning!!!!!!

Next is my second favorite of my purchases.  Torrid Red.  Talk about AMAZINGLY sexy.  It is a frosty burgundy-ish red.  It reminds me of my aunt and her love of sexy vampy colors, before vampy colors were in style.  I can't wait to wear this out in public.  Oh wow...yummy.

Midnight Rendezvouos...what can I say?  It reminds me of Wicked one of my all time favorite winter colors.  Something about the richness of the color, it makes me feel luscious.  (Don't ask...I'm an opera singer and dramatic.  LMAO!!)

Dazzling, what can I say?  You are going to be a big ole hit when I have to do performances when I am NOT supposed to have on nail polish, but I am such a crack addict that I have to wear polish anyway.  LOL  A great color with pink, gold and greenish like shimmer.  I don't even know if my camera caught the full effect of its Dazzelosityness.  LOL   (Can you tell I am a Kimora Lee Simmons fan?)

Pasadena Purple
Purple Rain Glitter
The last and funner?  LOL  First is Pasadena Purple and then Purple Rain Glitter.  I will say that I love the Pasadena more than the Purple Rain. I don't know...I think that the Purple Rain has more of a jelly base...maybe I need to use an opaque base coat and I will have more fun with it.  I think that the pink glitter in it is just great.  Pasadena is so beautiful with the frost and all swirly.  Hmmm...

Thanks so much Nubar...and I hope to get some more soon!!! (Now...if we could just get you to sell them in the stores on the east coast.  hint, hint.)

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