Saturday, September 4, 2010

Revlon ColorBurst Fuschia

Pink is my favorite color...and sometimes I pick up things, because...well it is pink.  Sad state of affairs if you ask my friends.  LOL

 A few weeks ago I picked up a tube of Revlon's Color Burst...because it was 1. on sale and 2. cause I saw the color fuschia. I know, I know.  Well today as I was sitting in the house enjoying a new Korean soap that I'm watching (so addictive I might add) and I decided to test out the color.

The ad says it is rich color that is virtually weightless.  It is true and I am so mad.  LOL  I need to get me a beautiful burgundy or red or something.  The lipstick went on smooth and as I sit here now...later, with no makeup on...and just lipstick, I feel rather glamorous.  LOL

The lip liner I have on is MAC Currant.

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