Saturday, December 5, 2009


Yesterday after getting home from the gym, I sat around and learned new music....and waited. Waited...and waited.....and waited....and waited some more. On what? On mah haul. *shhhh* LOL

At 4:45PM it finally got here...with a few things on back order.

MY GREENFRIDAY HAUL!!!! LOL Sweet drops of Zoya heaven!!!

So here is what I ordered...
  • Colbie (which I'm wearing today)
  • America
  • Delilah
  • Luna (which I'll be wearing tomorrow.)
  • Kamilah
  • Nova
With this order I received 3 out of my 6 GreenFriday gifts.
  • Suvi
  • Veruschka
  • Midori (which i think is the PRETTIEST color and I will wear it the next time I make my favorite Midori Sour's. *snicker*) Colbie.

Here she is in daylight. I like her. She is a brownish red with almost a blackish undertone. Crazy hunh? When I applied the first coat, i was NOT impressed at all. After the 2nd coat, I was totally in love.

I like the way it looks despite my jacked up cuticles. (Oh...if i would JUST wear gloves when washing dishes. pish-posh.) I can't wait to see what it looks like on my toes. This is a definite keeper!!

Thanks Zoya for another love!!!

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