Wednesday, December 16, 2009

*whew* time has flown. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in a few days. Things have been ABSOLUTELY insane. LOL I adore being a singer and I am grateful for this art form, but sometimes my schedule can be the charts.

I also realized that even though my nails have been painted, I have slacked totally on my polish photos. LOL This past Sunday for a Messiah where I was the soloist, I wore my Ruby Pumps from the China Glaze Wizrd of Ooh Ahz Set. LURVE it. Even my mom commented about how pretty the polish was...and that she wanted to borrow it. (My mom loves my insane colors, but is totally a red girl...period.the.end.)

On Sunday night I changed to OPI Holiday Glow. I'm not a brown polish person...but I think it is schnazy with the gold sparkle. Fancy, fancy. I sang at a holiday party this past Monday and someone said that she loved it. Hey now.... (By the by...I do have pictures of it...after 3 days wearing it.)

Antywho...until I get home from rehearsal tonight and I get some time, I will throw this up courtesy of Vampy Varnish!

1. How has your week been so far?

Craaaaaaaaaazy, between staging rehearsals for this opera that I'm in and my Messiah marathons....totally insane. I will say I am grateful for the gift of song.

2. What language(s) do you speak?

English and Southern Speak. LOL Yes, there is something about Southern speak.

3. What’s on your nails?

I just took off my OPI Holiday Glow and I am debating on China Glaze's C-C-Courage or China Glaze's Tree Hugger. What to do? What to do?????

4. What is your favorite holiday dish?

Food. LOL No, I look forward to Italian Rainbow Cookies....*sigh*

5. Would you rather go without any makeup on your face for an year OR shave your head bald for a year?

I'll take the no makeup. I have watched my aunt have to shave her head due to cancer. Every time I think about it I cry. Bald head...bad memories.

6. Are you going (or have you been) to any fabulous holiday parties? Do tell!

I haven't had time for holiday parties...well a couple of holiday luncheons. Fun, fun times. LOL I am really hoping that I can pop into some night time parties next week while I am staging rehearsal hiatus.

7. Diamonds or pearls (or something else)?

Pearls or Aquamarines.

8. If you have pets, do you get them Christmas gifts?

I have a big black cat...who I simply adore with her bad self. I usually get her a new dish and some toys. Her favorite thing is the Christmas tree even though it is bad for her.

9. When is the last time you swam in the ocean?

Last summer in Athens, Greece....*sigh*

10. Any hot weekend plans?

Maybe a real date...with a grown man...LOL, a staging rehearsal, a couple of other rehearsals...and a Messiah performance.

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