Monday, December 7, 2009


This is a quickie post because I need to be ready in 35 minutes to pick up my mom from her Apple Store appointment. LOL

I have NEVER been a fan of silver nail, but I have always loved seeing it on other women's hands. So...why did I cave and purchase this one? It is my nickname. LOL I mean how can you pass on a nail polish that is your nickname? LOL

My friend asked me yesterday...what color is that? I said Trixie. She Trix...seriously. I said...Seriously and popped the bottle out of my purse. She fell out laughing. It made my Sunday. (Oh yea, I forgot to add that I have Luna on my pinkie. What a sexy glitter.)

Might I also add...I had a performance yesterday and one of the kids there said my fingernails looked like I had painted mirrors on them. Then it reminded me of the Minx manicures. I don't have Minx money, LOL, so I am grateful I can have a $7 alternative. far you are batting a thousand with me! I love this color. Love, Love, LOVE. Happy Monday ya'll!!
(Night time indoors with flash. And yes the above picture is in my car...after I left the gym this morning. LOL I was guaranteed sunlight then.)

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