Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So...Here we GOOO!!! as of today I am on a no polish purchase diet. I am OUT OF CONTROL. I can't even tell you how many polishes I have bought in the last 2 months. It is just STRAIGHT ABSURD!

Also, today I made my first evah trip to Ulta. Never again my friends, NEVAH again. (yeah, yeah, whatevah!!) I don't even know how many I got in today's haul. I don't want to know. I'm serious!! LOL

I guess the cashier has never seen anyone do that before because he snarked and said..."Are you opening a nail salon?" And since I can be very defensive and snarky about my habit...I looked at him without blinking an eye very dead pan. He didn't say another word and continued to ring me up. *sigh*

I did pick up OPI's Mad As a Hatter that I have been lusting for. LOL Then...there are the other bottles of junk I got. LOL to what I have been wearing randomly. PLEASE excuse the non cleaning in some of the pics. I am working on cleanup practices, but the paint brush and I haven't become good friends yet.

Today's look...China Glaze's Good Witch. Yes...I'm just busting this out. LOL I love the pink glitter in the pale frosty pink. It went on easily and it is very subtle and feminine.

Sally Hansen's InstaDry Lightening. Hmmm...I didn't really care for it. I would prefer not to give it the finger, because I LOVE the color so much. I found it streaky and that dangblasted brush...I HATE IT. The brush really wore me out. Even with my gripes, my students said my nails looked hot. I love those crazy kids!

China Glaze's Shower Today... Wow. I am sorry that the picture without flash. This color is AMAZING. I went to a friend's inauguration for city council this past Saturday and people stopped me to find out the color and where did I buy it. It is a kinda tealish blue. is sexy. LOL

Color Club's Wild at Heart...I love purple and this was my first holographic color. I love it!!! There is really nothing more to say!

And finally...this is Victoria Secret's Velvetini. You can see nail wear and this was just overnight. I and my ability NOT to keep nail polish on.

Well, I know there are probably a couple of more pictures, but I can't find them. LOL I will get it together for sure.


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