Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh beautiful for spacious skies....America!!!

Happy President's Day!! I know some people are off today and others are not. I am off from my teaching gig..which by the way I am super duper loving. I was sitting on the couch uploading some files for a vocal competition and decided to paint my nails to kill time.

Next to me here on my couch are 4 boxes of untried Zoya polishes. Seriously. When I did my first Zoya haul, I bought 4 reds...I don't know why, but the names were catchy. I got Kamilah, Tosca, Delilah and America. Plus, 2 of the names are opera you know I couldn't leave them. LOL

Anywhoooo...back to Ms. America. She is a great blood red and it was matching my t-shirt...(the one I'm still sitting in...still not having gone to the gym. ack.) I think it is a fabulous rich creamy red. It reminds me of tomatoes that were grown in my grampa's backyard. So bright and yummy and full of flavor.

I'm also testing out the whole paintbrush to clean up technique. I haven't mastered it, but I am VERY impressed with my first run. I found a set at Michael's by Craft Smart. I liked the square stiff tip. Now I just have to master it and get a cleaner cleanup. lol

(with flash)

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