Thursday, February 18, 2010


That is the only way I can describe today's manicure and nail drama. Last night I finally broke out Dorothy Who? from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection. Lemme just say, I actually love the color, but I obviously did something wrong. When I woke up my right hand looked like this....

And my left hand looks like this....

Harumph! That's all I can say. Then then the day got worst...well nail wise....LOL...the nail on my middle finger broke in a half jagged crazy look. Argh! ARGH!! So I think i will be polish free until something good happens. Pish-posh!

On to good news...well, during the icky snow last week, I ran by Ricky's Beauty Supply here in New York City...and they were selling Barielle nail polish for $1.99. I picked up 3...Joytini, Suntini...and something else that I can't find. LOL This is Joytini with 2 coats of Orly Prism Gloss Gold...and Seche Vite. I love it...but it happened that I didn't go out of the house, but my nails looked snazzy...while I sat in the house and watched the dreadful day this past Monday.

Oh and one last piece of good news...I had been lemming...more like having a SUPER LUUUUUUUUUST for Yellow Kitty..which is a part of the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure line. When I saw it on Elaine of Lacquer Laine...I about died. LOL I couldn't find it ANYWHERE and lemme tell you, I was hunting like crazy!

Well...lo and behold, I went to Target tonight (a place that I have been avoiding like the plague.) I strolled by the nail polish section and there it all its pretty yellow glory...YELLOW KITTY! Wootie Woo!!! Needless to say, I almost skipped down the aisle. LOL I am looking forward to my nail growing back so I can use it! to spoiling myself with a couple of Zoya's. You know they are having their sale in honor of New York Fashion Week. Spend $10 and get two polishes free!!!! Just use the code NYFW.

Get to Zoyain'! LOL

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