Friday, February 26, 2010

My First Time...

Last night, well early this morning after I got in from driving in the blizzard, I ordered my first RBL nail polishes. They are having a quick 48...well probably less than that now sale. LOL. Here's the 411....

7 nail polishes on sale

Sorry to see you go! 7 great Nail polishes for only $50. Retail price is $126. These polishes are going to be discontinued. Snatch them up now for a huge discount before it's too late. When they're gone...they're gone.

Polishes included are:

* Pink Shimmer
* Sheer Pink
* Opaque Pink
* Lulu
* Sheer Natural
* Ani
* Square Pants

If you want to get your here....

I can't wait for my Sponge.Bob Square Pants!! Wooootie!!!

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