Friday, February 5, 2010

Sloane you're sexy

Last week on Twitter I saw a posting from Zoya saying that they were having a free shipping day. *sigh* Me being me, I had absolutely NO control and bought 7 new polishes...Nina (chocolate brown), Zanna (a creamy mauve), Hope (sexy pinkish purple), Gwin (from the new collection), Isla (burgundy frost), Max (pinky red) and Sloane (dark vampy plum).

Today I have on Sloane...OH.MAH.GAWSH!!!! hot, so sexy. It reminds me of a flashier Essie Wicked...and I love Wicked. Wicked was the first vampy color that I got into. I remember a friend at church had it on and it looked so amazing that I had to try it. I bought and was instantly in love...just as I am right now.

All I can do is oo and That's all I can say. I swear Zoya keeps me swooning....constantly!!

No flash



Ugh...and no sun.'ve left us once again for snow! Argh!

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