Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Day!

I hope that you all had a great New Year's Eve and are having a wonderful New Year's Day. My hot pink nails last night were a splash. I loved them.

This morning, I decided I wanted a color change for the New Year day. I wore Orly's Enchanted Forest. I bought this at Sally's a couple of weeks ago during a holiday haul. *sigh* It came in one of those gift box thingies with Prism Top Coat. I thought about using it for one of my Messiah performances...but blah. LOL I chose to use Orly's Tiara that I got in another 2 gift box set.

Well, let me explain why I chose this color today...Lacquer Laine did a post yesterday of her favorite 2009 polishes. (it is FULL of swatches...and go enjoy.) Enchanted Forest was on the list and actually sitting next to me on my little I used it.

I have on 3 coats of the polish. I didn't need 3 coats, but I am starting to feel like it isn't right unless I have 3 coats. LOL The color for me was opaque at 2 coats and very easy to apply. I like it because it is just creeeeeeeamy. Here's another one in daylight with one of my favorite gaudy rings.

Alllllllso....I ran by CVS a couple of times this week and they had a buy one get on 50% off on Sally Hansen Nail polish. So, I started picking up the new Complete Salon Manicure. I was not expecting most of the polishes to be gone once I hit the store. Oyi Vey!! There are a few that I have seen swatched on other sites that I am desperately looking for. Since I am obsessive, I will be on the hunt....determined! *waving a fist*

I picked up Pedal to the Metal (a frosty lavender shimmer), Nude Now (frosty beige), I Pink I Can (a light pink), Calypso Blue (a frosty blue with a turquoise undertone), Choco-Latte(a creme beige) and Black Platinum (a frosty black...almost charcoal/grey). I also picked up a couple of Insta-Dry....Snappy Sorbet (a peachy kinda coral frost) and Sonic Bloom (a creamy not fuchsia, but fuchsia pink.) I am looking to swatching these soon!

Happy Friday!

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