Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sugar Coat Me

I love the color pink. It just makes my day dandy. Really....happy and dandy. LOL

I'm testing some pale pinks that I have had for a while. I am in an opera that is a period piece, late 1700's/early 1800's and I need a neutral polish. (Actually they would prefer I wouldn't wear polish...but hunh?? LOL) Neutral...blah. Pish-posh. LOL was today's test.

My base is Diamond Cosmetics Sugar Coat Me, which was their Breast Cancer Awareness Month color. (I am a full sucker for anything that supports Breast Cancer because my aunt died from breast cancer. If it is pink and supports Breast Cancer...I'm there.) I like this light pink color. It is a cream, a little uneven to put on though. By the 3rd coat, everything was together. I put one coat of Sweet Reverie on top....then my usual 2 coats of Seche Vite and all was good!!

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