Monday, January 4, 2010

Orange you happy on a Monday?

Happy Monday! I can't believe that the New Year is totally under way. I just love it. So many things are happening at break neck speed for me and I am just...Happy! Whew.

So, Last Friday I was extremely excited because I felt it was a good time to bust out some orange nail polish. I am in love with orange nail polish, as much as I am in love with pink, green, purple, wine and glitter nail polish. LOL Ummm that is most of the color spectrum. LOL I pulled out Sephora by Opi's Note to Self...that I have had since about....October or something. *whew* I love the way it looks. I did my normal 3 coats, but it is still rather sheer, but very frosty. I decided to top it off with China Glaze's Mango Madness.

The combination (as you can see in the pics) was a brilliant idea....yet the index finger on my right hand didn't seem to like it. Seriously. It was a STRAIGHT HORROR. I tried my normal Seche Vite as top nail didn't like that. I used Zoya's top coat and that was a bigger mess. I ended up just giving up. I did 3 coats of Mango Madness and the only person who was probably bothered was me. LOL This will definitely make me invest in a new top coat to try again.

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