Monday, January 4, 2010

Avon's Golden Twilight

I was in my local Avon store skimming through the last campaign of the year and my eye caught a few nail polishes that were swatched on several blogs. Plus, they were 3 for $ HOW could I pass that up???????

Golden twilight was a part of my order. LOL I have always loved frosted nail polishes and it is soooooo my mother's fault. My mother loves red fingernail polish, but it just isn't perfect for her unless it has a frost to it. I think I mentioned this before...but she is even in love with China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. She LOVES it.

Antywho...last night as I was watching the Jets kick Cincy bootay....I did a quick color change. I love the color. It has like a nice cream thing going on with gold, green and red glitter. Yummo. I will say, I am not a fan of these new brushes. I guess I'm just old school. Give me a round nail polish brush. LOL

The only thing I am sad about is the fact that I couldn't find my chip skip. *le sigh* I had to hide a butt load of polish hauls because my mom was coming over last week and now I can't figure out where I put it. LOLOLOL Oh well. You can see the chip on my index finger...but I will definitely be using this again when I need a dark color fix.

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